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“Firedominator” ™

The fire prevention device for electrical equipment.

The fire philosophy FIREDOMINATOR & trade; created by Everet Duklair sull'investire is based on prevention at an affordable cost and maintenance-blocking and switching off the fire in the bud.


The main purpose of fire protection is to limit, to an acceptable level, the probability of death, injury and property damage in an accidental fire. Today the rules are moving towards a greater focus on human life than for the protection of material goods. Many fire protection devices serve both to protect life than material goods. While it is indisputable the need to protect the lives (and our system does), it is also important to protect assets, as they have in some cases depends on the life of people or animals, very often depends on their welfare, (continuity of the productions and of essential services), always because they avoid to increase the pollution of air, water and soil which generates a fire even small proportions. In many countries a further objective is to limit the environmental damage in case of severe and extended fire. The main concerns relate to the emissions of gaseous pollutants in smoke and pollution of water used to extinguish fire, both with potential important effects on the environment. The best way to avoid these issues is to be able to prevent the triggering of the fire and / or put out the fire at the initial stage. All the above objectives can be achieved if the fire is controlled and extinguished before spreading through devices made available by technology.


our fire prevention system for "control panels."


unreleased System (innovative) to control / extinguish fires generated by electrical devices, terminals, etc., Without the need for external detection systems, monitoring or action; also it does not need any power supply or maintenance.


The device consists of a standard electric box, amended with the technique FIREDOMINATOR CASE, in the event of fire on the inside acts with the combined action of two patented systems:

  1. In the container there is an opening to ensure air circulation: excessive increase in temperature (due to the fire) closes independently blocking the flow of oxygen, thus extinguishing the fire for lack of combustion ( one of the three elements of the fire triangle "INNESCO- COMBUSTIBILE- OXIDIZING").     
  2. Inside the container is placed a MIX of heat-sensitive substances in the presence of excessive heat are activated by the fire, protecting the container, creating an internal environment that hinders the fire, turning it off, a maximum of 15 minutes, even in the case in which the trigger remains active.     


Our fire prevention system for electrical connectors household appliances.


unreleased System (innovative) to control / extinguish fires generated by electric CONNECTORS for example APPLIANCES WASHING MACHINES, DISHWASHERS, OVENS etc., Without the use of detection systems or external control, also does not require any type of power supply and maintenance . Block Island and the burning of an electrical connector installed on appliances.
The device consists in a sort of shell that wraps the steering wheel so quite adherent connector. It is present at the ends of the comb-like elastic openings to allow the passage of cables. This device is similar to FIREDOMINATOR CASE, but differs in the absence of special opening of aeration, as a rule, the connectors do not emit heat, however, the passage areas of the cables are not watertight and can be a minimum of air circulation for disposal any heating mediocre.

Corporate Features

Industrial Applicability


Containment Tests / fire extinguishing carried out by the Institute certifying "Giordano Institute S.p.A." to our specifications (there are currently no regulations for this office).


The FIREDOMINATOR devices do not have direct competitors.
As regards the quadristica devices in the market that are closest, acting in the gas entering the framework or aerosols of potassium salts, not guaranteeing all the results provided by FIREDOMINATOR.
For the home appliance market there are no devices that can create us competition.

Very suitable

In areas where a fire can result in a catastrophe, such as: naval, aeronautics, rail transportation, elevators, tunnels, mines, hospitals, airports, etc.

Other Sectors

wind energy, medical, uninterruptible power in civil, such as industrial, ICT room etc.

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